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Acumatica User Rights for DataSelf

Create an Acumatica User for DataSelf

Email with:
- Your Acumatica URL
- Acumatica Tenant(s) to extract data from
- An Acumatica user credentials:
   - You might use an existing user or create a new one. If you create a new one: name it dataself with email
   - Minimum roles: "Anonymous". For Acumatica v2020 R2 or newer: "OData v4".
      - Depending on the Acumatica security settings, the Anonymous role won't be enough for OData extraction.
   - Set up the password to never expire

Important: Depending on your Acumatica security setup, you might need to add/remove additional roles. For instance, restricting the user to access one branch data only. 

Recommended: Also add the following roles so DataSelf might be able to provide further support: Administrator, BI, Customizer, DashboardDesigner, ReportDesigner.

How to Create Users in Acumatica

Important: Only people properly trained in Acumatica should make changes to its settings. Please consult your Acumatica VAR for assistance. 

How to set up the DataSelf user in Acumatica:

  • Log to Acumatica selecting the correct tenant
  • Search for "users" in the Acumatica search box
  • Select Users (under Menu Items → User Security → User Management)
  • Click the '+' icon
  • Enter a login (ex: dataself)
  • Be sure to check the box for "Password Never Expires"
  • Enter a DataSelf email address (ex: support @
  • On the Roles tab, select the following roles:
  • Anonymous
  • For Acumatica 202 R2 or newer: OData v4
  • Recommended: Administrator, BI, Customizer, DashboardDesigner, ReportDesigner.
  • Click the Save icon
  • Provide the Acumatica user credentials above to DataSelf (888-910-9802 x2, or support @ 

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