Tableau reports run and distributed by DSA AD or DSA Cloud AD can be sent to users that do not have Tableau licenses. If your organization has, for instance, some Tableau GL Financial reports that they have filtered by clinic site, etc., these are ripe for AD.

Long Email Distribution Lists

Distribution lists are the lists of email address that given reports are to emailed to. It easier to add or remove email addresses in DSA (Cloud) AD. With both versions the email distribution list is maintained in one place.

Changing Distribution Lists

DSA (Cloud) AD can update it’s distribution list every time the report is run.

DSA AD can import the email distribution list from outside sources or databases. In many cases the email addresses and report filter criteria are already in the data warehouse.

Professionally Formatted HTML Emails

Emails using the HTML format include images and text formatting. Newer versions of DSA AD & DSA Cloud AD can send out HTML formatted emails.

A variation is available that supports a HTML formatted ‘signature file’.