Steps to take before installing DataSelf ETL+ on your computer server.

✅ v2022.08

DataSelf ETL+ securely and efficiently extracts your source system’s data to a MS SQL Server data warehouse.

  1. Reasons to install DataSelf ETL+:

    1. For data extraction from on-premises systems.

    2. If your data warehouse is on-premises or on a private cloud.

    3. If you want to run the ETL+ scheduled refresh processes on your hardware.

    4. If you want to maintain your ETL+ configuration and extraction process.

There’s no need to install ETL+ if DataSelf hosts your data warehouse for your cloud source systems.

  1. Order DataSelf ETL+
    You can order your DataSelf solution from your DataSelf VAR or from DataSelf. Or order it online from:

  2. Receive Product Registration Information by email:
    Upon completing your order, you’ll receive an email with your ETL+ product registration information.

  3. Minimum System Requirements:

  4. Source database connection information and credentials:
    The read-only credentials are required to extract data from your source system database.

  5. Download DataSelf ETL+.

    1. Download links: DataSelf ETL+ Download Links

    2. FYI: ETL+ Release History Notes: DataSelf ETL+ Release History (Download Links)

Next Step:

Step by Step Install: Install DataSelf ETL+ (Step by Step)

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