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Excel AD Files

Automatic refresh and distribution by email of Excel Workbooks.

Excel AD is a self-contained application consisting of a Excel workbook with reporting & distribution directives that drive a custom macro. Excel AD runs reports from other Excel workbooks and then distributes copies of the updated Excel files by email.


  • Masters has the 'master' copy of the Excel Reports.xlsx workbook. 

  • Targets has copies of the copies of Excel workbooks before being emailed. 

  • Run_VBS_Logs -- log files.    


  • To maintain the distribution commands and run tests:  DS_ExcelADController.xlsm 

    • See row 6 on the Controller tab for how the test was configured. 

      • You can add more rows below row 6 for other workbooks.  


  • Click the Refresh Report Files Now button on row 3 to run it. 

    • I hope the operation is mostly obvious from the working example.  There are instructions on the Instructions tab. 

  • To Run the controller by a scheduler or other script:  run Run_VBS_Script.ps1 

  • See also Excel AD for more documentation on how Excel AD works

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