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Hot & Cold: tracking trends

Links to the Orange_Training workbook views:
Workbook: DataSelf Analytics v2201: Hot, Workbook: DataSelf Analytics v2201: Cold, DataSelf Analytics v2201: Slicer

  • The Hot & Cold views show changes in Sales, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, or Qty Sold between two selected time periods.
    See the Measure selection on the right.

  • The data can be grouped by Country, State, City, Customer, Doc No, Item, Salesperson, or Warehouse.
    See the Dimension selection on the right.

  • The data sorts in descending value of the measure; highest to lowest for the top number or records you choose.
    See the Top N selection on the right.

  • The data can be filtered by Branch, Item Category, and Salesperson.
    See the Filter selections on the right.

Hot: Sales per Customer increasing between two time periods

Cold: Sales per Customer decreasing between two time periods

  • The Dimension has a drilldown hierarchy based on the Column 1 - 4 selections of the Slicer worksheet view

The Slicer worksheet field values become the drilldown hierarchy on the Hot & Cold worksheets.

Note in the HOT worksheet that the expanded drilldown hierarchy of Customer, Item, State, City matches the column selections in the Slicer worksheet.

  • The Hot & Cold views are versatile tools to monitor changes in patterns over custom time periods, not simply Year of Year.

  • Saving Custom Views enables the viewer to quickly see the data from different angles with minimal manual entry.
    Related page: How to save a custom view - DataSelf

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