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Relative Dates & Dynamic Date Filters in Tableau

Relative date filters make it easy to create Tableau reports that always show the most recent data. Relative date filters dynamically update to show a time period relative to when the view is run such as the current week, the year to date, or the past 10 days.

Relative dates are dates calculated relative to the current date.

Relative & Calendar Dates in DataSelf’s Data Warehouse

DataSelf’s OOTB templates include relative dates based on the source ERP system’s fiscal year.

  • Non-calendar-month fiscal years such as a 4-4-5 week-based year are supported.

  • The relative fiscal dates are relative the to [Data as of] last refresh date.

For instance see: dbo.CalendarFiscal_10_DateFields in DataSelf’s OOTB data warehouse.

Relative Dates from Tableau

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