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Updates to DSA AD & DSA Cloud AD Required when Upgrading Tableau

DSA AD and DSA Cloud AD requires the version of Tableau’s tabcmd.exe utility matches the version of Tableau Web Server currently running on the host server. Each version of Tableau has it’s own version of tabcmd.exe.

When Tableau is upgraded DSA AD will fail unless:

  1. The version of tabcmd.exe is also upgraded.

  2. DSA AD’s static parameter file is upgrade to point to the new tabcmd.exe file.

When Tableau is updated to a newer version the tabcmd.exe utility needs to be upgraded as well. That means a new tabcmd.exe file is added in a new folder.

  1. Verify that a new copy of tabcmd.exe has been added that corresponds with the new version of Tableau.

  2. Update DSA AD's static parameter file.

    1. In the static parameter file (usually namedSParm0.ps1) find the line which references the path and file name of tabcmd.exe. It probably references the copy of tabcmd.exe for the prior version of Tableau.

    2. Edit this line so that it names the new version of tabcmd.exe.
      Use the complete file reference with drive:, folder path, and file name.


  • The static parameter file can be edited with any text editor such as MS Notepad.

  • On most installation the static parameter file is SParm0.ps1. If you are unsure the name of the static parameter file is required parameter to the final run script.

  • This page applies to all versions of DSA AD and DSA Cloud AD.


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