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Can't write email because output file not found

When Tableau has a problem running a report, view, dashboard or workbook in Tableau Web Server then Tableau may not put out an output file for DSA Cloud AD to process.

Error Message in Log File

---------------   Mail the Email   -------------------------

!! Can't write email because Output File not found:  <folder path & file name of output file>


When Tableau has a problem running a report/view/dashboard from a Tableau workbook sometimes the first and only indication is the lack of report output. If you manually try to run the report in Tableau Web Server and then export the output to a PDF file for instance the export will fail.


Fix the problem with the Tableau workbook in Tableau Web Server.

Example of Log Messages When Tableau Creates a Report Output

9:27:44 AM ===== Continuing previous session
9:27:44 AM ===== Server:
9:27:44 AM ===== Username: <user-name>
9:27:44 AM ===== Site: <site-name>
9:27:44 AM ===== Requesting 'MRP/IncompleteBOMsDemand' from the server...
9:27:44 AM ===== Writing response to D:\DataSelf\DataSelf_AD_Folders_by_Client\<client-name>\ Daily\Output\IncompleteBOMsDemand.pdf
9:27:44 AM ===== Saved MRP/IncompleteBOMsDemand to 'D:\DataSelf\DataSelf_AD_Folders_by_Client\<client- name>\ Daily\Output\IncompleteBOMsDemand.pdf'
9:27:44 AM --------------- Mail the Email -------------------------
9:27:46 AM Email to address(es) = ...

Note the “Writing response to” and “Saved” message lines in the log.

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