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CSV ("crosstab") Output

WARNING: It's easy to create views that Tableau cannot accurately render in .csv format output.
Most views have complex structures that cannot be rendered in .csv format. The software gives no warning when this condition occurs and the .csv output that results is unpredictable.

See also: Tableau - Export measure fields to csv


  • The csv option is also variously known as crosstab or crosstab to Excel on some DSA/Tableau screens and in documentation.

  • The output to csv must be a simple table with column labels from a single view. Do not put row labels, totals or other so-called "crosstab" features in the view.

  • We recommend mentally translating "crosstab" to "raw data in a widely used format".

  • Earlier versions of DSA AD did not allow this option because of the unpredictable nature of the output.

Use Export Data instead of Crosstab

On Tableau Web Server version 2020.2.3
Export > Data may produce properly formatted .csv files while  Export > Crosstab will not.


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