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Export Measure fields to CSV ('crosstab') files

How to configure Tableau views with Measure fields for DSA Cloud AD & DSA AD to export with the CSV option.


In Tableau drag the measure fields from the Data pane to Detail on the Marks card.

The measure fields will not be shown in the View area


  • The measure fields column names and data will not be shown on the View area of the Tableau workspace.
  • However,  the measure column will still show up in the "csv" output of DSA Cloud AD.
  • You can also see the data in the measure fields with  Download >  Crosstab  > Download >  Open.

Order of Columns in CSV Output from Tableau

  • The measure field columns are included last in the CSV file extract output.
  • Columns in CSV output from Tableau are sorted first by data type, Dimensions first then Measures, and second alphabetically within data type.


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