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ETL+ Metadata

The DataSelf ETL+ Metadata database is part of ETL+ Server. The metadata provides ETL+ entities with information and execution instructions. For instance, it tells an ETL+ install how to extract transaction data, what tables and columns should be extracted, where the data should be loaded to, and in what extraction schedule.

Information Captured in ETL+'s Metadata

The metadata includes:

  • Names of source tables/files.

    • Names and data types of each column/field in the source table/file.

    • Unique/Primary keys and/or indexes.

  • ETL+ users' credentials

  • source system names

  • connection strings to connect to the source systems

  • Target tables and columns. See Target Objects.

  • ETL SQL Statements to extract data from a client’s source systems, the connection string to the data warehouse.

The following screenshot from ETL+ shows an example of data saved in the Metadata.

  • Data warehouse’s SQL instance and database name = [(local)].[DwTest]

  • Source connection string: source type = MS SQL Server; Server name = (local), Database name= ERP_Database

  • List of tables in the target data warehouse: Account, Account Class, Address

  • List of columns from the Address table: AddressID (int), AddressLine1 (varchar(50)), etc.

  • ETL SQL Statement for the Address table (right panel)

  • Email address of the user currently logged in to ETL+ (see User in lower left corner).

Data Not Captured in the Metadata

ETL+ metadata does not include clients' transaction data from data sources. The transaction data is securely extracted from source systems and loaded directly into the client’s data warehouse.

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