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GMail Discontinuing Support of AD

Impacts users of DataSelf AD and DataSelf Excel AD which use a gmail account to send outgoing email on or after May 30, 2022.

DSA Cloud AD clients will receive a email about how Cloud AD will continue to support you.

Google has announced that GMail will no longer support applications such as DataSelf AD, DataSelf Cloud AD and DataSelf Excel AD which sign in to Google accounts using only a user name and password.

DataSelf AD and DataSelf AD for Excel come configured to connect to GMail for outgoing email distributions.

While we recommend sending (relaying) emails through your organization’s email server some users AD systems are still configured to send email through Google’s GMail service at

Alternatives to GMail

Copies of DataSelf AD and DataSelf Excel AD can be configured to connect to smtp servers that allow sign on with a URL, user name, password and optional SSL and Port options.

Alternative SMTP Email Services

  • Your organizations email server (recommended for security and control)

  • Office365 type email servers that connect to

  • SMTP relay services. Internet search terms: smtp relay server, free smtp server.

  • Local email client. Install SMTP email client software on your server and connect AD to the email client. Microsoft recommends this type of solution and even recommends a open-source solution - see


  • Servers that don’t support the SMTP email protocol.
    Avoid servers that require IMAP, POP or Webmail protocols.

  • Servers that require a API (special software).

  • Servers that require MFA (Multi Factor Authentication).

  • Servers that require anything more than a user name and password for authentication.

  • Servers that require anything more than a URL, user name, password, port number and SSL option.
    The URL should look like,, etc.

Google’s Announcement

DSA AD and Excel AD are the type of “third-party app” described in the announcement.

Screenshot from

Configuring email server in DSA AD

The smtp server connection parameters are saved in the Static Parms file.

  • By default the Static Parms file is SParms.ps1.

  • If you are unsure, the name of the Static Parms file in use will be listed the .bat or .ps1 script file which runs each AD batch.

Test Script for Connecting to SMTP Email Servers

PowerShell test script that mimics how DSA AD sends out emails
Script for Testing Email (Send-MailMessage)

See also Out Going Email Servers for Automatic Distribution
SMTP Email for AD with Send-MailMessage

Configuring Email Server in Excel AD

Network Admin tab in the Excel AD ‘controller’ workbook.



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