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Out Going Email Servers for Automatic Distribution

Why the email server used to send out automatically distributed reports makes a difference.

In this Section

Email Connection Information Package

DSA Cloud AD.

The fixed IP of the Amazon AWS server that sends outgoing email with SMTP protocol for DSA Cloud AD:

See email parameter settings below.

These settings are used by a script similar to this one: Script for Testing Email (Send-MailMessage)


See also: Script for Testing Email (Send-MailMessage) , SMTP Email for AD with Send-MailMessage

By default, emails sent from automatic distribution services are sent through a email account ‘owned’ by DataSelf. We don’t recommend this default setting. We do recommend sending outgoing email through a email server that you control.
For software installed before June 2020 see GMail Discontinuing Support of AD

If the reports were being distributed through your servers or accounts instead of DataSelf's there would be several advantages to you:

  • Tracking: You or someone at your organization would be able to track the automatically distributed emails.

  • Security: This potentially confidential information would be under your organization’s control.

  • Reply address: The from address on the email's would be to a person you designate. Right now if somewhat replies to one of these automatic emails ... no one see's it.

Outgoing Email Server Requirements

SMTP protocol. Most email servers support this protocol including Google Gmail.

Static Parameter file Settings for Outgoing Email

#--------- Email function parms  -------------------------------
[string] $global:SMTPServer = ""
[int]    $global:SMTPPort = 587
[bool]   $global:SMTPUseSSL = $true
[string] $global:SMTPUser = ""   # For anonymous access set to empty string (")
[string] $global:SMTPPassword = 'xxxxxxxxx'
[string] $global:defaultSubject = "Report for "
[string] $global:EmailFrom = ""
[bool] $global:EmailBodyAsHTML = $false

For DSA Cloud AD customer the settings above are maintained by DataSelf.

We recommend delivering the email through your company's SMTP email server.
For setup and test we provide by default, access to a gmail server account. For security we do not recommending using the default gmail server for production.

  • The values of the parameters in rows 2 to 6 usually must be obtained from the IT person managing the email server.

  • Expect to test the new settings and make adjustments as required. Common points of problems include:

    • Network connection between the server hosting DSA AD or DSA Cloud AD and the email server.

    • Network or email server security.


  • Insert Current date -- Code snippet: … = 'Report date ' + $(get-date -Format u)

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