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tabcmd.exe login Command & .bat file

Error Messages Indicating Failure of tabcmd.exe “login” Command

See “Login to DSA Server” or “Tab_login function failed” Messages

Template for .bat file for Testing the “tabcmd login” Command

Using the template below and values from the static parameter file make a .bat file and run it.

The .bat file should display a message indicating a successful login.

<static_TabCmdPath>/tabcmd.exe   login --server <static_DSAServerDomain>
           --user <static_DSAServerUserName >   --password <static_DSAServerPassword>
           --timeout 30  --cookie
  • Replace the text in the “< >” brackets in the code above by the corresponding values from the static parameter file. (See an example below.)

  • The code above represents one line of the .bat file.

Example Static Parameter File

The static parameter file is usually named SParms0.ps1.

#-------- Path to tabcmd.exe  ---------------------------------------------------
# File Path to DSA's tabcmd.exe file.
#    Example: [string] $TabCmdPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau Server\Tableau\8.0\bin"
[string] $global:static_TabCmdPath = "C:\tabcmd-2018-1-6\Command Line Utility"

##------- DSA Server Login Info ------------------------------------------------
[string] $global:static_DSAServerDomain =    ##-- http://localhost/views/1ADTestWorkbook/1ADTest#1
[string] $global:static_DSAServerUserName = "Demo"
[string] $global:static_DSAServerPassword = "demo"
  • The static parameter file can be read using any text editor.

  • .ps1 files contain PowerShell scripts.

How to Fix

Wrong Version of tabcmd.exe.

Older versions of tabcmd.exe may not work with newer versions of Tableau Web Server.

  1. Download and install the version of tabcmd from Tableau’s website that is designed for the current version of Tableau Web Server.

  2. Find the copy of tabcmd.exe that was just installed.

  3. Update the path assigned to the static_TabCmdPath in the static parameter file.

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