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Tableau Ask Data / NLQ

For more about Natural Languages Queries see
Natural Language Query (NLQ) / BI: Tableau Ask Data, Power BI Q&A.

Setting up Ask Data / Natural Language Query (NLQ)

  1. Open Tableau Web Server.

  2. Click Explore on the top left

  3. On the top left drop down, select All Data Sources

  4. Select a data source to set up Ask Data (example.: _Sales_Invoice)

  5. Click Create New Lens

  6. Name it Sales

  7. Click Publish Lens

  8. Click Select Fields icon (a pencil icon under Ask Data)

  9. For testing, only leave checked a small number of boxes. Example for _Sales_Invoice:

    1. Branch

    2. Customer

    3. Item

    4. Salesperson

    5. ShipTo Country

    6. ShipTo State

    7. Doc Date

    8. Qty Sold

    9. Sales

  10. Click Submit

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