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Trouble Shooting DSA AD

Report has Old Data, Is Blank, Is Wrong

If you have questions about a Tableau report run by DSA AD start by

  1. Obtaining the URL for the report from the .csv / Report & Distribution Command files / “batch” in the DSA AD folder.

  2. Use the URL to run that report in Tableau Web Server. Examining the output.

  3. If there is a problem with the report, make the fix on Tableau and verify that it works on Tableau before re-running the DSA AD batch.

Steps 1 and 2 above replicates what DSA AD does before it emails out the .PDF file.

  • To find the right .csv / Report & Distribution Command file you may need to look in the WTS or SQL Server Agent scheduler for the scheduled job and trace it back to the .csv file.


General Steps to Investigate a Problem

Issue: Reports run by DSA AD or DSA Cloud AD with a filter in the URL-Filters column stopped working correctly.

If the report was working recently then the problem is likely to lay in 1) the data in Tableau,  2) a change on the Tableau report run by DSA AD, or 3) a change in the DSA (Cloud) AD Report & Distribution Commands. 

Steps to Investigate

  1. Find the Report & Distribution Commands for the DSA (Cloud) AD batch in question.
    Check the log files to see exactly what commands the DSA (Cloud) AD actually ran.

  2. Find the reference to the Tableau report in question on the Report & Distribution Commands

  3. Open the report in Tableau in a web browser.

  4. Manually set the filters in Tableau to match the filters on the Report & Distribution Command file.

  5. Run the Tableau report

AD Output from DSA AD or Excel AD?

 DSA AD produces PDF and .csv files from Tableau.     Excel AD produces only Excel files.  

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