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Differences between DSA AD versions

How to Tell the Versions Apart.

Version 2 has a column named “Options” in it’s Report & Distribution Commands file. Version 1 does not.

What was Added in DSA AD version 2 and DSA Cloud AD?

Version 2 was a major re-write.

  • Capability to export .csv files.

  • Capability to set all available formatting options for PDF output.

  • Log files with improved logging.

  • Option to email out the log files in every batch.

  • Changes required to run either on client’s premises or on a cloud server.

  • Replacement of .bat files (Microsoft’s legacy command language) with Microsoft Powershell scripts (Microsoft’s recommended scripting language and replacement for .bat files).

How does DSA Cloud AD Relate?

DSA Cloud AD will run the latest version and fixes of DSA AD version 2.

Is there a Automatic Distribution Service for Excel?

Yes. Two in fact. Before we began our partner relationship with Tableau Software we developed Excel AD, automatic distribution software for Excel workbooks. Excel AD runs out of Excel and automates the email distribution of other Excel Workbooks.
Second DSA AD can export .csv files which can be imported into any spreadsheet.

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