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Excel Reports with Data from Tableau or DataSelf Data Warehouse

Option for using Excel to report data from Tableau or your data warehouse

The big value of Excel is that it combines data storage with reporting in one, sharable file. Our Excel AD (automatic distribution)distributes fully formatted & configured Excel reports already loaded with the data. But Excel AD is one of several options for exporting data into Excel files and optionally distributing them.


Each option better serves particular use cases and situations.

  •  Pre-formatted Excel Report. Data is automatically emailed to you in a pre-formatted Excel workbook with the new data already loaded.  

    • DataSelf’s Automatic Distribution for Excel. Populates ‘master’ copies of Excel reports with fresh data and emails out the Excel files to designated recipients.

    • Tableau Subscriptions. ? 🛠️ Ask your DataSelf contact for more information.

  • Data is automatically emailed to you in a Excel file with no special formatting.

  • Data is automatically emailed to you in a .csv file which is easily opened by Excel.
    (Many computers are configured to open .csv files with Excel.)

  • You open a Excel workbook on your computer and import data from DataSelf’s data warehouse.
    Use the import options built in to Excel’s Data tab.

:note2: NOTES

ETL+ extracts data from Excel files. Excel workbooks can also download data from DataSelf data warehouse databases. Thus, with this framework, data can be both uploaded from and downloaded to, or refresh, Excel files and workbooks.

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