DataSelf's fully hosted (cloud based) solution for  Automatic Distribution of Tableau views and dashboards.

Context Diagrams

  • The latest releases of Cloud AD use DataSelf ETL+ as the interface between users and the cloud server.

DSA Cloud AD with ETL+

See diagram below.  ETL+ replaces Devart for Excel.

DSA Cloud AD with Devart for Excel Context Diagram

  • The Tableau Web Server can be hosted anywhere.   DSA Cloud AD can work remotely with Tableau Web Server over the internet.

Batches Run by Schedule & Run on Demand

A batch is a set of Report & Distribution Commands saved in a table.   Batches are usually run by a scheduler.  Batches can also be run on demand from special pages available on Tableau Web Server.  DataSelf will create a run-on-demand page for each batch.

Report & Distribution Commands

The Report & Distribution commands tell DSA Cloud AD:

  • Which Tableau view, report, dashboard, or workbook to run.
  • The filter values to run it with.
  • The format of the output (e.g. optional PDF options)
  • What email addresses to send the output to.
  • Email subject line & optional brief message in email body.

Obtaining Technical Support

Please contact for assistance.  Copy