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Preliminary Info Request Letter

Sample letter to send to new DSA Cloud AD clients to prepare for a client-side installation.

Tableau Reports - Planned or Ready?

Do you have the Tableau reports you want to distribute with Cloud AD already setup on your Tableau Web Server?

If yes then Please list existing reports by Project, Workbook and View/sheet name or by the URL you see on your web browser when running the report in Tableau Web Server.

  • Relationship with Tableau Desktop. Reports developed on Tableau Desktop must be first uploaded to Tableau Web Server. DSA Cloud AD only runs reports from Tableau Web Server.

 Schedules & Batches

Clients can be setup with ‘batches’ for groups of reports to distribute by Cloud AD.  Batches are typically organized by schedules -- daily, weekly and monthly batches plus a demo batch for testing.


There is some overhead in setting up these batches but it’s easier to create them all at once  so we like to know how many batches by name that you will need.



Question :  Who needs to be copied on subsequent emails about the Cloud AD install?

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