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Client Control of DSA Cloud AD

The DSA Cloud AD process is offered as a service by DataSelf from a ‘cloud’ server. Customers have several levers of control over the cloud based automatic distribution process:

  1. Ability to change and maintaining the settings in their Report & Distribution Commands tables.
    Each table represents a batch of Tableau reports, filters, email distribution lists and other settings.

  2. Run-on-demand. For testing or other purposes, ability to run a Report & Distribution Commands table at any time, outside the scheduled run times.

The customer should designate an employee that will maintain the Report & Distribution Commands as needed to add or remove recipients, add new reports to the schedules and run the batches manually when necessary.

Questions for New Cloud AD Users

  1. Who will be controlling the AD process?  What are their email addresses?

  2. Where (on what computer) should the ETL+ (or in some cases Devart for Excel) be installed so that these users can access it?  It should be somewhere with a fixed IP.

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