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Differences between DSA AD and DSA Cloud AD


DSA Cloud AD

Where the software is installed and runs

‘On premises’; on a server controlled by you, the DataSelf customer.

“Fully hosted”; On a cloud server managed by DataSelf.

Version of DSA AD.

Customers have a variety of versions of DSA AD installed on their servers.

The latest version of DSA AD.

How the Report & Distribution Commands are saved and updated.

The commands are stored in a .csv file on the customer’s server. These .csv files are usually maintained using Excel.

The commands are stored in a SQL Server table in a dedicated database on DataSelf’s cloud server.
The commands are loaded from client computers to the cloud using DataSelf ETL+.

Columns in Report & Distribution Commands / .csv files

Added 1 column to earlier versions of DSA AD. See Options column.

Access to the Log Files.

See also Log Files for DSA AD

Log files created by DSA AD are written to the customer’s server as text files and can be read by any text editor.

Are emailed to designed email addresses after every run.
DataSelf staff maintains the list of designated email recipients of the log files.

Running DSA AD ‘on demand / ‘manually’.

The customer can run the appropriate script at any time.

Batches can be run on demand using DataSelf ETL+.
On older versions batches were run remotely by clicking on a button in a special Tableau view provided by DataSelf.

Access to the automatic scheduler.

Customers typically use either Microsoft Task Scheduler or SQL Server Agent. These schedulers run on the customer’s server and thus the scheduled run times are under the control of the customer.

Maintained by DataSelf staff.
The automatic scheduler runs on DataSelf’s cloud server.
Customers must request DataSelf staff to change the scheduled run times.
By default DataSelf provides daily, weekly and monthly batch scripts and automatic schedules.

Ability to modify the scripts which run DSA AD or Cloud AD.

DataSelf provides generic templates for daily, weekly, monthly, etc batches. Customer has the option of modifying the scripts if necessary.

Maintained by DataSelf staff.

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