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zData Warehouse

Source Object zData Warehouse. This data source is provided by DataSelf for two purposes. First to lookup and retrieve data in static reference tables such as the ETL+ Time Series tables provided by DataSelf. Second in order to allow re-importing data from existing target tables in the data warehouse for further transformations.

zData Warehouse lists the tables in the data warehouse as shown in the Target Objects panel. This allows you to create SQL queries modifying or combining existing Data Warehouse tables into a new target, data warehouse table.

For more see Using the zData Warehouse, Introduction and Navigation (Training)


Reimporting refers to the process of extracting data from a data warehouse table after it has already been extracted, transformed, and loaded into that data warehouse table (target table).

Reimporting takes data already in the data warehouse and perform additional data manipulation on it.
See also Using the zData Warehouse

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