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ETL+ Extract SQL Statement Panel

Refers to SQL statements in the Extract SQL Statement panel of ETL+ Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) window.

v2023.07 ✅

The SQL statements and syntax used in the Extract SQL Statement panel must work with the SQL syntax used to connect to the associated Source Object. For instance:

  • Use T-SQL syntax for MS SQL Server sources.

  • Use MySQL’s dialect of SQL for MySQL sources.

  • In general, use ANSI Standard SQL. In case of issues, be sure to check the source’s documentation and syntax since most of them have variations from the regular ANSI Standard. E.g.: see examples with Providex Joins at Sage 100 Providex SQL Syntax.

Text File

123 AS <name>






NULL AS <name>


1️⃣ Problem with T-SQL Expression on Design page during load.

SQL Syntax Tips

Assign a Literal Value to a Column

    1  AS  [column2],
    CONVERT(varchar(30), GETDATE() ) AS [column3]

Assigns the value 1 to the column named “column2" in the associated target table.

The CONVERT function is specific to T-SQL and is not part of the ANSI standard. Use CAST for non SQL Server data sources. ETL+ Extract SQL Statement: CONVERT()


-- 1 as [someTable]                   comments out 1 line

/*  comments out everything until closing delimiter
more comments
more comments */

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