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Providex SQL Syntax

SQL Syntax for use on the ETL+ Extract SQL Statement panel with data (especially dates) from Providex data sources.

See also Sage 100 Technical Details

When possible use the T_SQL column on the ETL+ Design Page instead of the ETL+ Extract SQL Statement panel.

This page is only for customizing SQL on the ETL+ Extract SQL Statement Panel.

SQL Syntax for the PxPlus/Providex SQL ODBC Driver

Providex SQL Syntax Tips

This section is only for troubleshooting and/or optimizing the SQL in the ETL+ Extract SQL Statement Panel. See Sage 100 Providex Dates for processing problematic dates.

The following are snippets of popular SQL statements for ETL+ Extract SQL Statement Panel customizations:

ETL+Replace using Parent Date Filters

AR Invoice History

H.InvoiceDate AS InvoiceDate
   { IJ AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader H INNER JOIN AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail  D ON
     H.HeaderSeqNo = D.HeaderSeqNo AND H.InvoiceNo = D.InvoiceNo }

SO History Header & Detail

H.OrderDate as OrderDate
      {IJ  SO_SalesOrderHistoryDetail D INNER JOIN
      SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader H ON D.SalesOrderNo = H.SalesOrderNo }

Converting Date to String (to deal with dirty data, invalid dates)

{fn convert(OrderDate,SQL_VARCHAR)} as OrderDate

Single Table Join + Table Prefix + Filter

FROM { IJ IM_ItemWarehouse D INNER JOIN CI_Item I ON D.ItemCode = I.ItemCode }
WHERE D.DocDate>={d'2018-01-01'}

Double Table Join

FROM { IJ (PO_PurchaseOrderDetail D INNER JOIN PO_PurchaseOrderHeader H ON D.PurchaseOrderNo = H.PurchaseOrderNo ) INNER JOIN CI_Item I ON D.ItemCode = I.ItemCode }

Providex ODBC References

Premapped ETL+ Tables

Sage 100 Pre-mapped Data Warehouse Tables

Related Pages

Providex Documentation

Reading PxPlus Language Reference Documentation

  1. Open

  2. Select PxPlus SQL ODBC > Using the PxPlus SQL ODBC Driver

  3. Select for String, Numeric, Time and Date or System functions

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